Case study 4VOD

About the company

4VOD is a media, telecommunication, and content distribution service since 2009 company. During that time company conducted projects also related to TV channel management services, TV Applications, Catchup TV, Live channel streaming, OTT services, and Live TV Streaming Services.
Currently, 4VOD is mostly focused on playout and content distribution for its European clients. Among channels operated by 4VOD are SPORTKLUB, FIGHTKLUB, GOLF CHANNEL POLSKA, ROMANCE TV, MOTOWIZJA, STUDIOMED, and many others.

4VOD challenge

4VOD handles the content distribution and playout services of many different channels to various locations in Europe including cities like Paris, London, Frankfurt, Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow, Bukarest, and Budapest. All these destinations are connected to the 4VOD networks with the use of satellite infrastructure or leased IP lines. The company wanted to change the current delivery solution for less demanding, and more flexible. The company also put emphasis on the security and reliability of those connections. The company trusted our solution Quickstream™ Node.

Quickstream™ transmission workflow for 4VOD

Quickstream™ features

  • Works over Internet connections
  • Packet loss and jitter resistant
  • Quick and easy to install and maintain
  • Works on any PC hardware including virtualized environments
  • Ability to work in broadcast quality (no transcoding)
  • Supports Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Encrypted with industry-standard AES 128/256
  • Ultra-low latency (below 200ms)
  • Point-to-point streaming
  • Easy firewall traversal (no IT support required)

Quickstream™ benefits

Quickstream™ saves up to 80% costs of channels delivery comparing
to leased lines and satellite connections

  • Easy setup and installation without costly hardware
  • Flexible licensing with short term options (roadmap)
  • Easy migration from outdated infrastructure
  • Direct installation on playout and production systems
  • Integration with Quickstream™ Cloud (optional)
  • Designed for unmanaged IP network (Internet) and LAN

New transmission capabilities for 4VOD

Implementation results

4VOD implemented our solution TV channels delivery gateway in the III quarter of 2019.
The company uses our software to acquire channels from international broadcasters and deliver them to cable operators and TV platforms around the world. The solution proved to be stable, easy to set up and secure. 4VOD successfully replaced all other transmission methods in its connections with Quickstream. On several other Quickstream™ is also used for the preview or backup. 4VOD also decided to run the testing of Quickstream™ Cloud which is a big functional extension of the current usabilities of Quickstream™ software. 4VOD considers implementing a cloud-based platform on its workflow in the II quarter of 2020.

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