channel creation
and management

Quickstream Playout is a user-friendly, modern, fast and intuitive system dedicated for creating and managing professional tv channels. With minimal effort and dozens of amazing planning automation features you can manage your channel from any place using your web browser.

Why Quickstream Playout?

  • Complete

    You do not need anything else to create, manage, and deliver your tv channel. We provide a complete a-z solution 100% managed from the cloud. If need to integrate with anything else just use exports or API interface
  • User friendly and time saving

    The system is fast and intuitive. You do not have to perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks so you save a lot of time and money, There is no need to hire highly skilled technical staff.
  • Reliable

    The system is built on top of leading cloud providers infrastructure to provide the best possible service. Your playouts instances may be installed in different geographical locations for maximum reliability.
  • Multi-user, Multi-channel, Multi tenant

    The system is built to scale. You can work with your team on multiple channels and grow your business while accessing the same content database. You can launch new channels on demand whenever you need.
  • Developed based on user feedback

    We listen to our users and improve the system to make our customers even more productive. The system is always up to date. There is no need to performs upgrades. You always have access to the latest features.
  • Cloud, On-site or Hybrid

    The system is flexible and may be configured to work in different scenarios. If you wish it may work in your own DC or fully independent in a cloud network.


Automated Ingest

Ingest is done either by uploading files or just providing connection details to your storage. The system automatically downloads files according to your schedule.

Preview and Quality checking

The system checks your files to make sure they meet all requirements. It detects audio silence and video black and warns you if your content is not correct. It also generates preview so you can work remotely using your browser

Metadata management

Organize content, provide all required information, manage licensing

Plan your scheduling

Plan your schedule with an easy to use drag and drop interface. System will automatically build blocks and the proper structure including secondary events.

Playout your content

  • Works in cloud, on-site or hybrid configuration
  • Live input
  • SCTE-35 markers support for Dynamic Ads Instertion (DAI)
  • Fast channels support
  • Low latency preview
  • Geo-redundancy (optional)


We always support your distribution and help you to get to your customers and partners. We provide HLS, SRT or UDP stream.
enables professionals and organizations to easily build
a live tv distribution network

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