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Quickstream Cloud is the ultimate cloud management system for live video workflows. It enables the management, monitoring, and configuration of small and large-scale contribution networks. By connecting multiple Quickstream Nodes (gateways, decoders, encoders, transcoders) as well as third-party equipment users can create any tv workflow quickly and with minimal capital investment.

Quickstream Cloud All-in-one distribution platform

  • Cloud-based

    Quickstream Cloud is a web-enabled management system with a distributed network of Quickstream Nodes installed on premise or in the cloud
  • Easy to use and powerful

    The system is simple and can be operated by non-technical staff as well as experienced users who require advanced setting and features
  • Scalable

    The system is suitable for simple tv workflows as well enables creation of advanced distribution network that consists of hundreds of endpoints (Quickstream Nodes)
  • Complete

    You do not need anything else to succeed. You can transform your content, connect locations and partners, manage access and monitor the network.


Create any tv workflow in minutes

Connecting locations, partners and streams has never been easier. With just a couple of clicks you can configure any workflow

Monitor performance and track events

Get a full visibility of your distribution network. Check if your content is delivered correctly to multiple locations. Switch to backup inputs in case of any problems.

Manage acces to your content

Decide who can have access to your content. Search for new customers and partners.
enables professionals and organizations to easily build
a live tv distribution network



  • Prime distribution, to OTT, VOD, partners, etc.
  • Backups, previews, test distribution
  • Remote production distribution (OB van)
  • Internal signal transmission
  • Instant and simple test access

Media Distributors

  • Distribution to cable networks, operators, etc.
  • Internal signal transmission
  • Backups, previews, test distribution
  • Easy infrastructure and access management

Production Companies

  • Remote production and backups
  • Live feeds distribution to studio, partner, cable networks, etc
  • Backups, previews, test distribution
  • Instant and simple test access

Digital platforms

  • Easy receipt of live feeds and linear channels
  • Instant and simple test access
  • Simple distribution network management
  • Easy infrastructure and access management
  • Backups, previews, test distribution
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