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About gn network

GN Network is a DVB-T2 platform operator in Ghana serving over 20 independent broadcasters (TV Channels). The nature of business requires the independent broadcasters (TV Channels) to contribute their channel feeds to DVB-T2 Headend for encoding, multiplexing, and to the transmission site.

GN NETWORK challenge

GN Network was looking for a solution for the contribution of channels within its infrastructure. The initial options available were via microwave links or satellite networks. Microwave links were expensive to deploy, time-consuming, and posed with interference. Satellite contributions were only available to channels already running on other satellite platforms, which added additional cost to their operations and had challenges during bad weather.


GN Network installed multiple Quickstream Nodes in several locations. The Quickstream Cloud portal was used to get the full visibility of the network and offered the opportunity to see stream health, connection, and system details to enable remote support.

why GN NETWORK chose Quickstream™

  1. GN Networks could onboard new channels without the hassle of getting microwave links or satellite.
  2. Configuration and support were done remotely via public internet connection
  3. QoS improved based on details provided via the Quickstream Cloud portal
  4. Quickstream helped with transcoding when the input signal was not correct (for example, encoded with VMix). GN Network was able to immediately get the channel back on air while a new encoder was being procured.

Key benefits to GN Network customers (Independent Broadcasters)
  1. Seamless setup to deliver Broadcaster's feeds to Headend
  2. Cost reduction (both CAPEX and OPEX) compared to microwave and satellite links.
  3. Easy support when required.

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