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Frequently Asked Questions regarding our solutions
What is Quickstream?
Quickstream is a solution dedicated to all companies dealing with TV signals.
Quickstream lets you deliver your professional live content anywhere, quickly
and in a cost-effective way.

What types of input or output sources do you support?
Currently, we support Transport Stream over UDP and SRT as input and output.
We are planning to add support for NDI and SDI in the future.

What are the requirements to use Quickstream?
Quickstream is a software solution, so all you need is just a PC running on Windows or Linux. Please refer to our knowledge base for more information.
In some cases and custom projects, we may also provide hardware with pre-installed software. Please contact support for more information.

Who has access to my content?
We don't interfere with your content anytime. You are operating your tv signals with our software. We just provide you a solution to do it smarter. We also never store your decryption passwords in our infrastructure and there is no risk unauthorized person will have access to it.
Is it safe?
Yes, definitely. For full security, your signal can be encrypted with industry-standard AES 128/256 encryption algorithm.
Is the signal transmission going through your infrastructure?
If you are using Quickstream delivery gateway connections are always going through your infrastructure. The delivery gateway can also work in a fully private environment without access to Internet.

If you are using Quickstream Platform you need to log in each Quickstream Node to the cloud. Live content media streams are in general point to point connections without going through our infrastructure. In some rare cases, firewalls may block point to point connections and our intermediate server may be needed.
Even in that case, we do not interfere with your signal and our server works as a transparent proxy. To protect your content, even more, you can always use secure encryption to protect your content from unauthorized access.

What about the loss of quality?
We do not transcode your signal and we are not changing its quality.
We deliver the signal as is, in the same shape to remote locations.

How did you overcome issues with contribution over the Internet?
We are using industry SRT protocol to solve problems related to transmission over the Internet like packet loss, jitter, etc. SRT is using ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request) technology to protect your signal from network-related problems.
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