Quickstream™ Hub

Adding information about your organization and services will allow you to find new customers and partners in media and broadcasting market. Publishing information in Quickstream Hub is free of charge. No hidden costs, no strings attached.

Please also rememeber:
  • We will never share our data with external parties for advertising and marketing purposes
  • We do not conduct pushy marketing campaigns
  • We do not directly publish personal information without your express and informed consent. If a potential business partner is interested in your offer or content, you will receive a notification to which you do not have to respond.
Step 1
Go to registration page. Use your business email to register.
Step 2
Login to Quickstream Cloud, select My organization from the side menu and click Assign button.
Step 3
Search for your organization in our database. If it does not exist click "Add new" and fill out your organization details.
Step 5
Do not forget to click on Public tickbox to publish your organization information in Quickstream Hub. After verification your organisation will be published.
Step 6
You may optionally fill out your role in your organisation. If you share any content to other users they will see information about you. This information will not be visible in Quickstream Hub if do not allow to publish it.
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