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Live streaming software - solutions for broadcasters

While designing the Quickstream solution, we took into account various requirements and needs of broadcasters around the world and made sure to fit our software accordingly. If you want to learn more about how created features can benefit them, read along.

Use of Quickstream software by broadcasters

One of the main groups of Quickstream clients are numerous broadcaster companies which can own one or more TV channels. Usually, they offer a wide variety of content, including live transmissions of multiple events. They appreciate high-quality of their broadcasts and well as reliability and security of the connection. Among the broadcasters using Quickstream software we can mention AMC, DA VINCI GROUP, NW18, UFANET and others.

Previews and backups

It's not a secret that running a successful multi-channel broadcasting company is not an easy task. That's why streamlining and simplifying various processes is an essential activity. One way Quickstream can help with that is offering an instant and simple test access for any partner companies that want to work with broadcasters. The use of Quickstream live streaming software allows quick preview transmissions of certain content or a channel. Therefore, the testing process is significantly shortened, and broadcasters can decide what step to take without any delays.

Remote production transmission (OB van)

As we all know, most of the broadcasters stream various live events on their TV channels such as sports competitions or cultural performances. Such situations are filmed on the spot, and the signal is transmitted to the OB van where the crew mixes images from different cameras and angles, creating suitable content.

Thanks to Quickstream tv streaming software, the signal can be easily transferred from the remote location to the broadcaster's studio in a different city or even country. What's essential, the stream keeps its high-quality and is protected against packet loss, jitter and bandwidth fluctuations. Due to the current pandemic, one of our clients asked us to provide managed service of distribution their live signal from the field to studios. If you would like to ask for such a case, click here.

Internal signal transmission

It's safe to say that large broadcasting companies more often than not have their offices in numerous cities and even various countries. Quickstream allows them to create content in one place and swiftly send it to other locations. Our solution is much cheaper and easier than the alternatives such as the use of satellite connection or broadcasts through dedicated IP links.

What is more, the signal can be shared not only between studios and offices but also between different departments of the company, like heads of various departments. All they need is their computer and access to the internet in order to gain a preview of all the channels offered by the broadcaster. Of course, everything is available through a user-friendly dashboard that collects various data as well. Broadcasters can monitor the quality of their streams and observe different signal parameters, both historical and live.

Distribution to operators

Popular TV channels are often available on multiple platforms such as cable networks, online video platforms, streaming services, etc. The higher the number of these places, the higher the overall revenue. Thanks to Quickstream, broadcasters can send their channels to the numerous operators quickly and efficiently, without losing the quality of the stream. We are working on new sources of inputs. Soon we support HDMI, USB,NDI, SDI sources of inputs, that will extend the possibilities of use our software. Moreover, our software is also available on-site - you can install it in the internal network of your broadcaster, according to the internal policy.