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Live TV signals distribution methods

Are you looking for the best live TV signals distribution methods on the market? You're not sure which one will be most suited for your needs? We have prepared a short comparison of the most popular live video distribution solutions. Let's find out which one is worth your attention.

Basics of video distribution solutions

Video streaming is becoming more in demand with every passing day - it is used now not only by online platforms or streaming services but mainly by broadcasters and TV channels. No wonder then that the issue of delivery of high-quality video is gaining popularity. But let's start from the beginning and learn more about the available broadcast video solutions. What purpose do they serve? It is quite easy - they help to distribute live video content to any destination in the world. Currently, there are three distinct solutions when it comes to broadcast video distribution - satellite systems, dedicated IP links and video over IP. Which one will be best for you? Let's see.

Satellite systems and dedicated IP links

Satellite systems are one of the most popular solutions, mainly thanks to its high availability. But unfortunately, it has some major drawbacks as well. For one, installation of satellite systems can be pretty costly, and usually, it requires signing long-term contracts with chosen service providers. It is also important to note that satellite connection can be dependent on the weather, and it may experience some disturbances during shifts in atmospheric conditions.

One of the other broadcast video solutions worth mentioning is dedicated IP links. Usually, this service comes with long and binding contracts and is highly dependable on the infrastructure. Other drawbacks include a lack of flexibility and problems with reliability. We should also keep in mind that in some cases leased line provider uses the services of subcontractors to run their basic and backup lines. And if both of them come from the same subcontractor, it means that all the workflow is dependent only on one link. As a result, signal transmission is no longer independent and can be easily damaged.

Video over IP

Last - but definitely not least - video distribution may rely on IP networks. This particular product is an excellent alternative for every customer that is looking to purchase high quality, reliable, and reasonably priced solution. What are the main advantages? Let's see!

First of all, the initial set-up is really easy, and it only takes a couple of hours. No matter your level of technological advancement, you will have no problem with it. Also, you won't need to change your PC hardware because the software for video over IP can work perfectly both on Windows as well as Linux. What is important, this broadcast video solution provides complete safety because the signal is secured with a high-quality AES 128/256 encryption algorithm. One of the other benefits is high reliability - thanks to the use of SRT Protocol video over IP is protected from jitter, bandwidth fluctuations, and even packet loss. What is more, this particular solution is much more affordable than satellite systems and dedicated IP links because it is using open source and royalty-free protocol. That is one of the reasons why Quickstream can save you even as much as 80%, compared to transmission over leased lines.

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Kamil Krzywonos