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Live video content distribution for international TV channels

Quickstream is an innovative and simple solution that responds to the needs of various streaming institutions. But one of the main groups of our customers are numerous national and international TV channels. Let's take a look at the features of Quickstream that are most relevant to international broadcasters and learn more about how they can benefit from the use of our software.

Use of Quickstream software by international TV channels

As we all know, international TV broadcasters aim to produce sufficiently engaging content and distribute it to various operators, cable networks, digital platforms and other partners who can broaden their reach and offer higher advertising revenue. And Quickstream, as a professional distributor of live content to any destination, can considerably simplify and speed up this whole process. All without expensive and specialized equipment. Among international TV channels using Quickstream software we can proudly count: kids channel DA VINCI and HOME4K.

Reach to distant markets with live video content

The vital benefit of Quickstream is the fact that it offers the distribution of the live content, without delays. It means that content owners, broadcasters in different parts of the world can distribute one TV channel in different locations with the same quality as if it went from playout. What is more, our software works remarkably well over unreliable networks and offers high-quality stream which is protected against packet loss, jitter and bandwidth fluctuations.

Of course, Quickstream doesn't require specialized hardware - just a computer and internet access. As a result, the entire process can be done remotely, and representatives of the international broadcasters don't have to travel across the world in order to discuss the technical aspects. At the moment, our company successfully distributes TV signals to various places around the globe - Europe, China, Africa, to name just a few.

Instant test access

Of course, establishing the terms of the contract between the TV channel and its partner must be preceded by a test transmission of the signal. Thanks to this action, the target of the test access can watch the TV channel for free for a certain period and assess whether they are interested in signing a deal and starting long-term cooperation. The implementation of this process by other paths, like with the use of satellite connection, can be rather expensive, which significantly limits the possibilities of developing small, local TV channels and increases the threshold for entering the streaming market. That is why we made sure to include instant test access feature in the Quickstream software as well.

Our solution is not only inexpensive but also incredibly quick, and any kind of the delivery, including signal distribution, can be configured within two hours. As a result, all the TV channels can quickly expand the market as well as the audience.
Easy infrastructure and access management
During the development of Quickstream live video software, we paid special attention to creating simple network management solution that offers complete control. We designed a transparent and user-friendly dashboard which serves as a single access management point and allows to perform all the essential activities such as enabling, disabling or sharing the channel accesses. It also gathers data in order to make corrections, introduce changes to the infrastructure and constantly monitor transmission quality.