Live broadcast TV
for media distribution companies

During the development of Quickstream software, we made sure to create a solution that answers the problems of a few key institutions on the video content market - media distribution companies, international TV channels as well as broadcasters. Let's see which features of our service are especially important when it comes to media distribution companies and how these particular institutions can benefit from using Quickstream.

Use of Quickstream software by media distribution companies

We all know that on the broadcasting market there are organizations that set themselves the goal of offering users access to various movies, TV shows and other video content. These institutions collect and trade access to chosen content for the right price. It's safe to say that more often than not, media distribution companies also operate with live streaming - whether it is by receiving a live signal from various entities, or by sending it to their partners. That's why Quickstream can offer them professional assistance.
Live broadcast TV - media distribution companies

Comprehensive distribution network management

One of the main advantages of Quickstream software, valuable especially for media distribution companies, is the simplified network management. Our solution requires only a PC or a laptop and an internet connection. We also made sure to create an uncomplicated and user-friendly dashboard which shows owners the whole workflow of the available content. Our software provides all the necessary statistics in one place, such as LinkBandwinth, RTT, CC errors, CC errors per hours, CC errors in total. Of course, the dashboard also offers complete control over the accesses, and it's a spot where it can be enabled, disabled or shared in just a moment. We've simplified not only the management of the Quickstream software but also the whole installation process which can be accomplished in just a few hours.

No need for network support

The second benefit of Quickstream is directly linked to the simplicity of our solution. The live streaming software we provide is easy and quick to use and can be managed even by a person with little to no technical experience. As a result, essential tasks such as enabling transmission accesses or monitoring the quality of the streams can be overseen by a small staff. What's more, the implementation of Quickstream doesn't require dedicated and expensive equipment that needs to be serviced and maintained by qualified personnel. This, of course, can lead to reducing the costs of employment even more. If you wish, we can provide you with the appropriate hardware with our software already installed as well.

Vast showcasing possibilities

As we mentioned before, Quickstream only needs a computer and internet connection to work. These features make our solution very portable and offer a lot of freedom when it comes to showcasing live channel previews. You can use it during sales meetings, presentations, or even during expositions. High-quality transmission means your broadcast will be protected against jitter, packet loss, and bandwidth fluctuations. Sharing content and showing a live preview of a given channel requires no complicated setup, just your computer, secure internet connection, and an audience ready to listen.
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