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Case study: Production companies

Challenges at production companies

Production sites often struggle with connection difficulties. Even with satellite links, there are still various risks associated with the delivery of video from remote locations to the studio.

Quickstream™ Tool can provide not only backup for traditional satellite or leased lines connections but also completely replace those delivery methods. Quickstream™ Tool can be used for the easy creation of ad-hoc connections for delivery of content to the studio or for preview or monitoring. Users can configure multiple connections in order to deliver multiple feeds from one site. This approach lowers operational costs but requires a solution like the Quickstream™ Tool in order to maintain the required robustness and safety level.

For more advanced needs we provide clients with Quickstream™ Cloud Platform. This solution provides centralized live stream acquisition, one management panel to manage access to content and the ability to monitor distribution network status and alerts.

Quickstream™ overview

Quickstream™ features

  • Works over Internet connections

  • Packet loss and jitter resistant

  • Quick and easy to install and maintain

  • Works on any PC hardware including virtualized environments

  • Ability to work in broadcast quality (no transcoding)

  • Supports Windows and Linux operating systems

  • Encrypted with industry-standard AES 128/256

  • Ultra-low latency (below 200ms)

  • Point to multipoint streaming

  • Easy firewall traversal (no IT support required)

Quickstream™ benefits

Quickstream™ saves up to 80% costs of channels delivery comparing
to leased lines and satellite connections

  • Easy setup and installation without costly hardware

  • Flexible licensing with short term options (roadmap)

  • Easy migration from outdated infrastructure

  • Direct installation on playout and production systems

  • Integration with Quickstream™ Cloud Platform (optional)

  • Designed for unmanaged IP network (Internet) and LAN

Who can also benefit from Quickstream™?

Media distribution
International tv channels
  • Simple distribution network management
  • No need to involve network engineers
  • Showcasing live channel preview
    for sales leads
  • Reach to distant market
  • Instant test access
  • Single access management point
  • Easy infrastructure and access management
  • Instant and simple test access
  • Remote production transmission
    (OB van)
  • Internal signal transmission, e.g. to another studio/office
  • Distribution to operators, e.g. cable networks and their headend stations, satellite operators, etc.
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